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Business Management:

Full Business Management Services.

We take care of paying your bills and depositing your receipts. We reconcile your bank accounts, review your credit card bills and take care of all of your day to day activities. We act for you so that you donít have to.

Tax Compliance and planned focus on the entertainment and sports industries
Traditionally, business management clients are in the entertainment and sports industries, but our business management clients come from all walks of life. Usually, business management clients are individuals but we also help manage professional offices so that they donít have to do it themselves.

Cash Flow and Budget Reporting
Since we pay all of your bills, we know exactly how much you are paying and can provide you reports of where you money is being spent. We can create budget reports so that you can easily control your money.

Analysis of Business Transactions
As a business management client, we analyze your business transactions as they occur. Since we are involved with your business financial affairs we can analyze a potential transaction and see how it will affect your taxes.

Assistance with the Financing and Purchasing of Major Assets
As a business management client, we can represent you when you are purchasing of major assets like automobiles or real estate. We can prepare all of the loan papers and make sure that the financing company gets everything it needs to finish the loan.

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